tris speakerAt Fenway Park, it Fenway’s inaugural year, the New York Giants were leading the Boston Red Sox 2-1, after Fred Merkle had single in Red Murray off Smokey Joe Wood to give the Giants the lead. With Christy Mathewson pitching trying to give the Giants the Series, Fred Snodgrass committed a two-base error of pinch-hitter Clyde Engle’s routine pop fly to lead off the inning in center field, after a Harry Hooper fly out which Snodgrass made a great play, Steve Yerkes walks and the AL MVP Tris Speaker ties the game up 2-2, after an intentional walk to Duffy Lewis, Larry Gardner wins the game with a sacrifice fly to right field. The Red Sox win the game and the World Series with the final score of 3-2. The play, which becomes infamously known as “Snodgrass’ Muff,” the 20 year-old outfielder historically becomes known as the goat of the World Series. In the aftermath of this event, the Giants manager John McGraw felt so sorry for Snodgrass that he raised his salary $1000. Much like Fred Merkle in 1908 this error of his stayed with Snodgrass until his death in 1974. So much so that when he died his obituary in the New York Times was headlined “Fred Snodgrass, 86, Dead; Ball Player Muffed 1912 Fly.”