On January 23 1921 — 1921 – The Pittsburgh Pirates obtain veteran SS Rabbit Maranville from Boston. They give up OF Billy Southworth, OF Fred Nicholson, IF Walter Barbare, and $1500

It was a lot to give up for one player. Southworth was an everyday outfielder who hit .284, Nicholson batted .360 in 99 games, Barbare was a solid backup infielder and all three were in their mid-20’s. Maranville (pictured twice below) was a top-notch defensive shortstop though and he was a decent hitter with some speed. The trade ended up helping both teams, giving the Pirates a much needed defensive upgrade in the infield, plus Maranville had his best offensive seasons while in Pittsburgh. For the Braves they replaced one regular player with two everyday players and Nicholson saw plenty of time off the bench (plus the team really needed the cash). They saw their team in one season go from 92 losses to a winning record, while the Pirates won 90 games in 1921 and finished in second place. Maranville would play four seasons with the Pirates before he was traded to the Cubs. He had a 23-year career and in 1954 the Baseball Writers of America would induct him into the Hall of Fame. Although he wasn’t inducted as a player, Billy Southworth also made the Hall of Fame in 2008, getting elected by the Veteran’s Committee as a manager