On April 24, 1926 — Unfazed by Forbes Field’s ample dimensions, St. Louis Cardinals player-manager Rogers Hornsby leads by example, slugging his team to a 9 – 3 thrashing of the Pittsburgh Pirates. 3 for 3 with a single, double, sacrifice fly and tape-measure IPHR good for 5 RBI, the Rajah’s exploits are documented by Lou Wollen of the Pittsburgh Press: “Manager Rogers Hornsby is an ideal leader. Not only does he pilot the Cardinals in expert fashion, getting all the baseball possible out of his players, but he shows them on the ball field how the game should be played. Yesterday, for instance, he demonstrated the latest approved methods in clouting, leading his club in this department. He batted perfectly and saw his team vanquish the Pittsburgh world’s champions by a 9 to 3 score.” Hornsby finishes with a flourish, as Wollen can attest: “The Cardinals wound up by tallying twice in the 9th when Heinie Mueller tripled past Clyde Barnhart in left center and Hornsby smashed a home run to the (450-foot-distant) flagpole in center.”


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