On October 16, 2006 — After finishing 93-69 to win the AL West and sweeping the Minnesota Twins in the ALDS, Ken Macha is fired when the A’s are eliminated from the postseason by the Detroit Tigers. Oakland GM Billy Beane cites a lack of communication between the players and the manager, who compiled a 368-280 record and brought the team to the playoffs twice in his four-year tenure in the dugout.

Macha will later say, “The reason I was fired,” he said in a phone interview, “there was too much interference with the job I was trying to do.”

Macha had hinted previously he’d grown tired of general manager Billy Beane’s hands-on approach. He emphasized that he remains grateful for the opportunity to manage the A’s for four years and will always have fond memories of the coaching staff, players and fans. He said he was encouraged by confidantes — who “say ‘you’re getting killed; you better say something’ ” — to come out and clarify certain points.

“I don’t want a mud-slinging match,” Macha said. “I want to take the high road. When I bowed out, I thanked Billy. I hope (the A’s) do well next year and the year after and the year after.”

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