On June 8, 1905, Alice Rosoevelt, the daughter of the President, watched the Reds defeat the Dodgers 11-2 from a box seat at the Palace of the Fans.

Dubbed “Princess Alice” in the press, the 20-year-old beauty was probably the most popular person in the country at the time. The public couldn’t get enough of the expoits of the free-spirited young woman. She was in Cincinnati for a week-long visit, and the local newspapers reported her every move. The four-photo spread of her attending the game is an example of her appeal. Newspapers photos were very rare at the time, and the Enquirer rarely sent photographers to the ballpark except on Opening Day.
Among those who attended the game with Alice was 35-year-old Nicholas Longworth, a Congressman and a member of one of Cincinnati’s most prominent families. The two were married in a White House ceremony in February 1906.