On July 13, 1977 – At Shea Stadium, the Cubs’ game is suspended due to a major black-out which darkens New York City. The Mets players amuse the crowd by performing antics in front of the headlights of cars which they drive onto the field.

Lenny Randle recalls being at bat when the New York blackout occurred:

Despite your short Mets career, your place in team history was cemented because of your role in the blackout of 1977.

“I was at bat when the lights went out. It was a mind-blowing, God, Moses, last day on earth moment. I swung and lights went out!

I didn’t know what to do, so I just keep on running for second. (Cubs infielders) Manny Trillo and Ivan DeJesus tried to stop me. We grew up with no lights so I was used to it! I saw a white ball and I hit it.

Afterwards, Bobby Valentine, Joel Youngblood, Ed Kranepool, Willie Montanez and I all came out and took infield practice with no ball. It was like an Abbott and Costello act. We got a standing ovation!”

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(Source – The Interview: Lenny Randle by Mark Berman July 2, 2017)