AT&T Park,San Francisco,CA,US

Ball Park First Game
Date – 4/11/2000 (1)
Starting Pitchers – Giants vs. Dodgers: 4/11/2000
Final Score 6-5 (LAN)
Attendance – 40,930
Starting Pitchers Kirk Rueter (SFN); Chan Ho Park (LAN)
First Batter – Devon White (LAN) Result – Singled to RF
First Hits – Devon White (LAN),Singled to RF (1st)
First Run – Bill Mueller (SFN)
First RBI – Barry Bonds (SFN)
First Homerun – Kevin Elster (LAN) vs. Kirk Rueter (SFN) on 4/11/2000 (3rd inning)
First Grandslam – Bobby Estalella (SFN) vs. Glendon Rusch (NYN) on 5/2/2000 (4th inning)
First Inside Park Homerun – Fernando Vina (SLN) vs. Russ Ortiz (SFN) on 5/9/2000 (2nd inning)
First No Hitter – Jonathan Sanchez (SFN) vs. Padres on 7/10/2009

Ball Park Lasts
Last Game – , Final Score –
Attendance –
Starting Pitchers – , Winning Pitcher – Losing Pitcher –
Last Batter – , result –
Last Hit – ,
Last Run – , Last RBI –
Last HR –
Last Grand Slam –
Last Inside The Park Homerun –
Last No Hitter –

Kevin Elster is the only player to hit the first home run in a park in a game in which he hit three (minimum 300 games). It was the only three-homer game of his career.; Fernando Vina is the first player to hit the first inside-the-park home runs in two active parks.