Bobby Del Greco was a light hitting outfielder who played in 9 major league seasons from 1952 to 1965. He played for six different teams, beginning his career in 1952 with the Pirates and ending in 1965 with the Phillies. Though a poor hitter, his excellent fielding made him a valuable asset to every team he played for. The Yankees had Bobby in ’57 and ’58 and used him as a late inning replacement for the often injured Mickey Mantle. As Phillies manager Gene Mauch said of Del Greco to the Daily Times on 8/25/60, “All Bobby has to do is hit a little better and he’ll be one of the greatest. He’s one of the best fielders anywhere.” Bobby retired with a ,229 batting average, getting 454 hits in 1,982 at bats. Interestingly enough, Bobby wore 10 different uniform numbers in his 9 year career. He’d be a tough one to collect replica jerseys of.