Carlton Fisk becomes a free agent in paper work violation

Feb 12, 1981 | Free Agency, Transactions

On February 12, 1981, Arbitrator Raymond Goetz officially declares Carlton Fisk a free agent, citing the Boston Red Sox had violated the CBA by not mailing the catcher’s contract by the December 20th deadline as specified in the agreement. Next month, the 33 year-old future Hall of Fame backstop will sign a $3.5 million deal to catch for the White Sox this upcoming season.

In 1980, Fisk batted .289 with 18 home runs and 62 RBIs. Fisk had played over 1000 games for the Red Sox and was the All Time leader in all offensive catagories for a catcher. He won the Rookie of the year, a gold glove and had 2 top 10 MVP Finishes.

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