On November 28, 1938 – The Chicago White Sox’s 25-year-old pitching star Monty Stratton, having compiled a 36-23 record (.610) during his five-year major league career.

While hunting rabbits on his Mother’s farm in Greenville, Texas, Stratton fails to put the safety on the gun when he holsters it and he accidentally shots himself. When he does a bullet/pellet lodges itself behind his knee and it will severe his artery. Gangrene appeared the next day and the leg had to be amputated above the knee.

Stratton pitched 5 years in the Major Leagues and 8 years after the accident, 7 years in the minor leagues. His life story will be purchased and Jimmy Stewart will play the title role in The Stratton Story, a 1949 movie chronicling the White Sox hurler’s attempted comeback.

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