Citi Field,New York,NY,US

Ball Park First Game
Date – 4/13/2009 (1)
Starting Pitchers – Mets vs. Padres: 4/13/2009
Final Score 6-5 (SDN)
Attendance – 41,007
Starting Pitchers Mike Pelfrey (NYN); Walter Silva (SDN)
First Batter – Jody Gerut (SDN) Result – Homered to RF
First Hits – Jody Gerut (SDN),Homered to RF (1st)
First Run – Jody Gerut (SDN)
First RBI – Jody Gerut (SDN)
First Homerun – Jody Gerut (SDN) vs. Mike Pelfrey (NYN) on 4/13/2009 (1st inning)
First Grandslam – Omir Santos (NYN) vs. Anibal Sanchez (FLA) on 4/27/2009 (1st inning)
First Inside Park Homerun – Angel Pagan (NYN) vs. Pedro Martinez (PHI) on 8/23/2009 (1st inning)
First No Hitter – Johan Santana (NYN) vs. Cardinals on 6/1/2012

Ball Park Lasts
Last Game – , Final Score –
Attendance –
Starting Pitchers – , Winning Pitcher – Losing Pitcher –
Last Batter – , result –
Last Hit – ,
Last Run – , Last RBI –
Last HR –
Last Grand Slam –
Last Inside The Park Homerun –
Last No Hitter –

San Diego Padres center fielder Jody Gerut led off the first game at Citi Field with a home run, making it the only park to open with a homer (minimum 300 games); Johan Santana’s no-hitter was the first ever thrown by a Mets pitcher and occurred in the team’s 51st season and 8,020th game, which was the longest drought any franchise had endured before recording its first no-hitter. It took only three more years before the second no-hitter was thrown and the third was thrown less than four months later.