Dave Winfield squares off vs Nolan Ryan

Aug 4, 1980 | fights, Firsts

August 4, 1980 San Diego Padres Dave Winfield’s bout with Houston Astro  Nolan Ryan

As Winfield remembered it, Ryan already had brushed him back twice in the game with inside pitches.

When it happened a third time, Winfield headed for the mound.

“The catcher, Luis Pujols, tried to stop me, so I stiff-armed him and he went down,” Winfield said Thursday. “The umpire got in the way, and I grabbed him and moved him. I got to Nolan and took a big swing, and the next thing I knew we were on the bottom of a big pile, trying to get little punches in.”

Winfield was ejected but Ryan remained in the game.


Nolan Ryan Dave Winfield Fight