Fenway Park, 4 Yawkey Way, Boston, MA, 02215

Ball Park First Game
Date – 4/26/1912 (5)
Starting Pitchers – Red Sox vs. Yankees: 4/20/1912
Final Score 7-6 (BOS), 11 innings
Attendance – 24,000
Starting Pitchers Buck O’Brien (BOS); Ray Caldwell (NYA)
First Batter – Guy Zinn (NYA) Result – Walked
First Hits – Harry Wolter (NYA), Singled on SAC (1st)
First Run – Guy Zinn (NYA)
First RBI – Roy Hartzell (NYA)
First Homerun – Hugh Bradley (BOS) vs. Lefty Russell (PHA) on 4/26/1912 (7th inning)
First Grandslam – Rabbit Maranville (BSN) vs. Hippo Vaughn (CHN) on 9/26/1914 (4th inning)
First Inside Park Homerun – Sam Crawford (DET) vs. Buck O’Brien (BOS) on 5/10/1912 (9th inning)
First No-Hitter – Iron Davis (BSN) vs. Phillies on 9/19/1914


In the first regular season game at Fenway Park Red Sox players lost potential triples and home runs thanks to an overflow crowd that was roped off in the outfield. Hits into the crowd were ruled doubles.

The first homer at Fenway Park was the last of Hugh Bradley’s career;

The first grand slam at Fenway Park was hit by Boston Braves shortstop Rabbit Maranville and was the last of his career.

It was the first time that a park’s regular home team didn’t account for a first (both grand slam and no-hitter)

Red Sox second baseman Steve Yerkes had five hits, the most ever for a park’s first game.

Ted Williams out at home

Ted Williams out at home

Jim Rice

A true hero – Jim Rice