On July 4 , 1979 — Fireworks in Cincinnati. The upstart Astros nip the Reds, 3-2, to take their first-ever ten-game divisional lead. Jose Cruz and Jeff Leonard drive home runs in the seventh to lead the come-from-behind victory. Joaquin Andujar and Ray Knight, ex-teammates in the Cincy farm system, start a bench-clearing brawl after hurling insults across the diamond.  Joe Sambito cools the Reds with two shutout innings for the save

Andujar had thrown a ball over the head of Joe Morgan in the 4th inning. Morgan had said before the game no team is good enough to be up 9 games. John MacNamara the Reds Manager told the Reds Starting pitcher Bill Bonhan, “I let Bonhan know to let Andujar we ain’t gonna take that shit.”

Bonham promptly buzzed Andujar his next time up in the 6th. Andujar who later grounded out told Bohan as he was running by the mound, “You know you have to hit again.”

This prompted a bench-clearing face off the mounted into nothing at the time. Knight and Andujar exchanged words but little else. JR Richard did put on an entertaining Ali little Bob and weave. Four pitches later Knight and Cedeno face-off and Knight was able to connect with two shots before the fight was broken up. Cedeno claimed Knight missed him pointing how pretty his face was. Both players were ejected.

Andujar and Knights battles went back to the minor leagues when Knight was hit the back with an Andujar pitch. Knight said he wouldn’t face him man to man. Andjuar said no one liked Knight because he talked too much.


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