On August 15, 1996 — Frank Thomas hits three homers for the White Sox, becoming the Sox career home run leader, but Boston wins, 9 – 8. Thomas hits his first two off Tim Wakefield to pass Carlton Fisk (214).

Thomas’ 215th career homer on a Tim Wakefield knuckleball in the first inning put him ahead of Fisk on the Sox home run list, but it was a bittersweet feeling.

“It’s a great accomplishment, but I was hoping to do it on a day we were going to win. The season is getting down, and it’s a tough one to lose. It’s great to break that record, knowing the Carlton played that long. He hit a lot of big home runs for this team.”

Thomas pulled his first home run down the left-field line and over the Green Monster, landing on Landsdowne Street and giving the White Sox a 1-0 lead. Thomas’ second homer, in the third, also hit Landsdowne Street and bounced into a parking garage.  Boston with a one-run lead and with two outs in the fifth, Thomas took an 0-1 fastball and hit a line drive over “the Monster” in left-center, tying it at 4. Thomas received a standing ovation after his third homer.

Boston manager Kevin Kennedy was booed by the locals for issuing a one-out intentional walk to Thomas in the 7th, Thomas would come around to score on an erant throw.


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