On February 25, 1919, future Hall of Famer Monte Irvin is born in Columbia, Alabama. 

Playing in the Negro leagues during his prime, talented Monte Irvin made it to the majors in 1949 with the Giants. Despite his years in the shadows, Irvin still enjoyed a fine career, finishing among league leaders in many offensive categories in 1951 and 1953, his best seasons in the majors. In 1951 he paced the National League in RBI, helping the Giants to the pennant. Irvin will gain election to the Hall of Fame in 1973.

PODCAST – Hardball – Monte Irvin has one of the most unique stories in Baseballs history. Get ready to hear firsthand accounts of his time pre World War II..and what his time served did to his career. And..the not widely known story of how HE could have been the face of integration.


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