On January 15, 1990, Japanese League star Cecil Fielder signs a $1.2M contract with the Detroit Tigers. Fielder, who had blasted 38 home runs for the Hanshin Tigers in 1989, will hit 51 home runs in 1990 to lead the league and 44 the following season to again lead the league for the Tigers. He will finish second both seasons in MVP Award voting.

Fielder will become one of the American League’s premier power hitters for most of the ’90s hitting 288 home runs during the decade before his retirement in 1998.  Fielder had played in Toronto for 4 Season’s with limited success before leaving for Japan.

Fielder’s son, Prince hit the same amount of career home runs, 319. Having fun with numbers Fielder in his only World Series appearance for the 1996 Yankees hit .391 (9-21) in the series, helping New York claim their first title since 1978.


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