On November 19, 1996 — One of Major League Baseball’s most controversial owners, Jerry Reinsdorf, and its most controversial player, Albert Belle, join forces with the Chicago White Sox. Belle signs a record five-year, $55 million deal that makes him the first player to surpass the $10 million per year mark. Reinsdorf, seen as the instigator in the owners’ vote against the collective bargaining agreement, draws the ire of owners in both leagues who feel he sold them out.


Chuck Garfien spoke with Belle about that and a whole lot more on the most recent White Sox Podcast.

3:02 — Belle’s thoughts on signing with the White Sox

4:30 — Why he regrets leaving Chicago after two seasons

7:25 — Why he was surprised the White Sox signed him

11:23 — Will White Sox spend the money to sign Harper or Machado?

12:32 — “I wouldn’t give these guys past a five-year deal”

15:46 — Belle explains his chances of making the Hall of Fame

18:03 — His incredible second half in 1998 and the batting tip he received that made it happen

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