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Positions: Firstbase 
Bats: R Throws: R
Weight: 195
Born: October 22, 1907 in Sudlersville, MD USA
Died: 7 21 1967 in Miami, FL USA
Debut: 5/1/1925
Last Game: 9/23/1945
Hall of Fame: Inducted as a Player in 1951 by BBWAA
Full Name: James Emory Foxx





Jimmie Foxx

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Jimmie Foxx quotes


▪️1) “If anyone was ever capable of actually tearing the cover off the ball, it would be Double-X. . . . It sounded like cherry bombs going off when Foxx hit them!” ~ Ted Williams

▪️2) “Jimmie Foxx [is] maybe the greatest right-handed power hitter of all-time. When I first came up, I used to talk hitting with Jimmie whenever I had a chance. He was a friendly, warm person, always very helpful to everybody.” ~ Hank Greenberg

▪️3) “If I were catching blindfolded, I’d always know when it was Jimmie Foxx who connected. He hit the ball harder than anyone else.” ~ Bill Dickey

▪️4) “Foxx has abnormal strength in his two forearms, which permits him to handle a big war bludgeon as if it were a feather duster. This strength of hands, wrists, and arms gives him a lashing power, which might break up a ball game at any given moment.” ~ Grantland Rice

▪️5) “When I was 12, I could cut corn all day, help in the wheat fields, swing 200-pound bags of phosphate off a platform into a wagon. We had games on the farm to test strength and grip. . . . Another trick was to lift a 200-pound keg of nails without letting the keg touch your body. I could do that easily.” ~ Jimmie Foxx

▪️6) “He [Foxx] had great powerful arms, and he used to wear his sleeves cut off way up, and when he dug in and raised that bat, his muscles would bulge and ripple.” ~ Ted Lyons

▪️7) “Look at those shoulders! That boy’s a natural-born batting wonder. No more coddling or training could make a fence-buster like that! Jimmy Foxx was just a rookie when canny Connie Mack gave him that size-up. Four years later he was crowding the swat kings of both leagues.” ~ Robert Ripley in a 1930 ad for Old Gold Cigarettes

▪️8) “He [Foxx] has petrified Philadelphia baseball followers in recent days with a series of home runs that carried so far as to make open-mouthed spectators believe that it was an overt violation of Ruth’s well-known copyright for distance.” ~ Connie Mack (1930)

▪️9) “[T]he trail of Foxx’s longest drives challenges credibility. Twenty-four times he cleared the 65-foot high left field grandstand roof in Philadelphia. At Comiskey Park in Chicago, where no one else reached the towering roof more than twice, ‘The Beast’ did it six times. . . . Everywhere Foxx logged more than just a few games, and in many places where he stopped only once, the man hit home runs that defied logical analysis.” ~ Bill Jenkinson (SABR)

▪️10) “When Neil Armstrong first set foot on the moon, he and all the space scientists were puzzled by an unidentifiable white object. I knew immediately what it was. That was a home run ball hit off me in 1937 by Jimmie Foxx.” ~ Lefty Gomez

▪️11) “James [Jimmie] Foxx is the most promising player I have ever seen.” ~ Home Run Baker (1924)

▪️12) “Jimmy Foxx, Herculean batsman for the Philadelphia Athletics, is being picked by baseball critics as the man who will make fans forget about the mighty Babe Ruth. When he pounded out his fortieth home run the other day, Foxx was more than a month ahead of the Babe’s mark at that date in 1927.” ~ The Roanoke Rapids Herald (August 1932)

▪️13) “If I had broken Ruth’s record it wouldn’t have made any difference. Oh, it might have put a few more dollars in my pocket, but there was only one Ruth.” ~ Jimmie Foxx

▪️14) “If it wasn’t for [Mickey] Cochrane, Foxx would have developed into a great catcher. He was the greatest all-around athlete I ever saw play Major League Baseball.” ~ Rick Ferrell

▪️15) “He’s a marvel, isn’t he? Tell me: who was a better all-around ball player than Foxxie? Why right now I’d say he was the best catcher in the American League. . . . They can talk all they want to about some of those old-time ball players being able to play different positions. I’ll take Foxxie. They don’t come any better.” ~ Joe Cronin

▪️16) “I can play any position except shortstop. I don’t like shortstop.” ~ Jimmie Foxx

▪️17) “He [Foxx] was the greatest natural athlete I have ever seen.” ~ Professor John Bruehl, who had once scrimmaged against Jim Thorpe.

▪️18) “He was built like a Greek god with bulging biceps and sculpted physique. His rounded face was marked by handsome features set off by a full head of brown hair and bright blue eyes. His joy was infectious, hustling on the field with a spontaneous smile and boundless enthusiasm. He played the game with a combination of speed and power that a later generation would see in Mickey Mantle. Foxx ran like a cheetah, threw like an Olympic javelin champion, and hit the ball like Babe Ruth.” ~ Bill Jenkinson (SABR)

▪️19) “When he got good wood on a pitch, it took you 20 minutes to walk where the ball landed. He was the only hitter I ever saw who could hit balls on his fist and still get them out of the park.” ~ Lefty Gomez

▪️20) “If I’d had Foxx’s strength, I’d have hit a hundred extra homers.” ~ Ted Williams

▪️21) “Some of these days when baseball historians meet to award the capital prize of the national game to its greatest player of all time, they are not going to give the title and plaque to Tyrus Raymond Cobb, nor to George Herman Ruth. . . . The present-day has its candidate for the greatest of all ballplayers, and his name is James Emory Foxx.” ~ The Washington Times-Herald (1940)

▪️22) “The star slugger gave handsome tips to everyone from the bellhop to the batboy, and he insisted on picking up the entire tab at every dinner and outing. He was known to literally give the shirt off his back if someone asked him for it. Many years later, Foxx’s former teammates and opponents still spoke with reverence of his personal kindness and goodwill.” ~ John Bennett (SABR)

▪️23) “Jimmie was one of my personal friends. I loved him. . . . Every ballplayer admired Jimmie Foxx.” ~ Harlond Clift

▪️24) “Daddy, he just enjoyed interacting with people. It didn’t matter if you were the president or the garbage man. He would sit there and sign autographs for hours.” ~ Nanci Foxx Canaday

▪️25) “Jimmie Foxx was good for baseball. Players and fans liked him for his happy nature, positive attitude, and baseball heroics. . . . He was a good ambassador for baseball, much like Ernie Banks, Brooks Robinson, or Cal Ripken.” ~ Mark Millikin

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