On March 5, 1922 — New York Yankees star Babe Ruth becomes the highest-paid player in history when he signs a three-year contract that will pay him over $50,000 per season. In 1921, Ruth led the American League with 59 home runs and 171 RBI.

The contract breaks down to $1,000 for each of the 156 weeks of the deal. In November, Yankees owner Colonel Jacob Ruppert has Ruth agree to a contract addendum which limits the slugger’s outrageous off-field behavior that includes the excessive consumption of alcohol and late-night carousing.

He will win his only MVP in 1923, he will avg 41 home runs, a 217 OPS+, and 1.233 OPS during the 3 years and lead NY to 2 World Series appearances, they will win it all in 1923, for the first time in franchise history.


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