On this date in 1912 the. Both players were great hitters, but neither were loyal to baseball. Campbell was a businessman and Donlin a vaudeville actor. Both would leave baseball for periods of time, or hold out for more money, because they knew they could make better money elsewhere. Donlin would’ve likely been a Hall of Fame player had he not sat out three full seasons in his prime. He was a .333 career hitter in 1,049 games. He batted .316 in 68 games in 1911, while Campbell had hit .312 in 42 games for the Pirates that same season. Both players would end up playing just one season for their new teams, then they both sat out the 1913 season. Donlin hit .316 in 77 games for the 1912 Pirates, while Campbell hit .296 and led the league in at-bats.