Reggie Jackson brawls with twins after he hits homers in his first two at bats

Apr 24, 1969 | fights

April 24, 1969 – After hitting home runs in his first two at-bats of the game against Dave Boswell, Reggie Jackson led off the 5th inning to face Twins reliever Dick Woodson.

After throwing his first pitch high and tight, but behind Jackson, and with his second pitch sailing about four feet over Reggie’s head, that was enough for Jackson.

Reggie charged the mound and tackled Woodson and brought the pitcher down to the right of the mound. Jackson said he had visions of Tony Conigliaro getting hit in the eye by a pitched ball. “I could see the end of a career,” he said.

“When I came out of the dugout in the 5th,” said Jackson, “I knew I was going down.”

“That’s the kind of a manager Billy Martin is. If someone is beating his club, he’s going to put a little fear in his heart.”

“I’ve been thrown at before, but not like that. And I can’t sell popcorn. Baseball is my business.”

Jackson said that at moments like that, “you get lost in anger. Thoughts go through your mind about Tony Conigliaro getting hit and almost losing the sight of an eye.”

“I was scared after that second pitch. I don’t blame Woodson. He pitched under orders. But I blame the manager.”

Reggie was the only player ejected from the game as the A’s would defeat the Twins 6-4.

(Source: Minneapolis Tribune)

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