On April 25, 1933, rookie Russ “Sheriff” Van Atta makes an incredible debut for the New York Yankees at Griffith Stadium. Van Atta pitches a five-hit shutout against the Washington Senators and collects four singles in four at-bats. Yankee outfielder Earle Combs adds five hits in the Yankees’ 16-0 win. The 26-year-old southpaw will finish his rookie season with a 12-4 record, batting .283 in 67 plate appearances.

At the same game, the benches clear when Yankee outfielder Ben Chapman viciously spikes Buddy Myer and then responds to the Senators infielder’s retaliation by punching and hurling anti-semitic remarks at the injured Jewish second baseman. The ugly 20-minute brawl, which spreads into the stands and includes over 300 fans getting into the action, will result in suspensions and fines for the players involved.