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Lefty Grove streak is halted at 16 games

Lefty Grove is frustrated in his effort to win a record-breaking 17th game in a row, as Jimmy Moore misjudges a routine fly ball by Ski Melillo, turning it into a 2-out double, to allow the game’s lone run. The volatile Grove is outraged and unforgiving, not at Moore, but that Al Simmons, the regular OF, missed the game. Dick Coffman of the Brownsallows just three hits to win, 1 – 0. The A’s win the nightcap, 10 – 0, behind Waite Hoyt’s 6-hitter.

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Al Szymanski, 21, who will later be known as Al Simmons is stolen by Connie Mack for 3 players

1923 – Al Szymanski, 21, who signed with his hometown Milwaukee club in the spring and was farmed out to Shreveport, is traded. Connie Mack secured the rights to his contract while he was at Shreveport; at the end of the season he reported to Milwaukee and hit .398 in 24 games. Scorekeepers change his name to Al Simmons. The A’s send IF Heinie Scheer and outfielders Wid Matthews and Frank “Beauty” McGowan to Milwaukee for the Simmons sleeper.

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