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Dave Dravecky suffers a broken vs the Montreal Expos

In his second start after coming back from cancer surgery, Giant Dave Dravecky suffers a broken arm beating the Expos, 3 – 2. The Youngstown, Ohio native collapses to the ground and clutches his left arm in severe pain after throwing a wild pitch to Tim Raines. The bone will heal but Dravecky will break it again during the Giants on-field celebration when they clinch the pennant later that season. Dravecky will not pitch again in the major leagues.

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Mets clout 6 homeruns on opening day

On April 4, 1988, the New York Mets set an Opening Day record by clouting six home runs in a 10-6 win over the Montreal Expos. Kevin McReynolds and Darryl Strawberry each bang out a pair of home runs at Olympic Stadium. Estimates place Strawberry’s second home run at 525 feet…

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