Why have I launched the Daily Rewind Email?

If you are a fan of baseball history, and you are on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, you are basically being shown what they want you to see. Google a baseball player, and you are going to see Baseball-Reference, Wikipedia, and some other items Google wants you to see.

I am part of hundreds of groups and pages, and some of them I have not seen a single drop of content from in years. So much so I forgot I was even part of them, and it is so painful to remove myself. I am a ghost member of the group I wanted to be part of. Personally, I think that is just sad. These companies are not doing us any favors. We are tools for them to sell advertising. 

So my plan is to send you a daily email with 3-5 cool short baseball stories. By short, I mean, you can read the email in less than 5 minutes top to bottom. If you want to go more in-depth click on the link to the article. We will note if there is an audio podcast, video, or something else. 

We will highlight a birthday or death as well with a brief recap of the player. If you want to dig deeper, click on the link!

Would you link to see an example? Please show me the email! 

I know what you are thinking I don’t need more emails to show up. If you are a fan of the game, this is one you are definitely going to look forward too. There may be a trivia question, a quote, an image, a joke. This is a fun way to enjoy baseball history on your terms. You’re not waiting for an algorithm. Each day has between 75 – 300 events on it. I know it is allot, but baseball has a long history. If you want a deeper dive, jump over the website, click the date you wish to and go deeper! Search away! 

I hope you sign up and enjoy the daily email. Thanks for checking us out! If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to [email protected].   


Would you like to see a sample of the email? Check it out here