On February 9 1927 — The Giants send versatile George Kelly, along with cash, to the Reds for truculent holdout OF Edd Roush. The Giants sent Roush to the Reds in 1916.

Remembering the abuse he’d received from McGraw back in 1916, Edd tried to get New York to trade him by holding out for a salary of $30,000. “I’ve been trying to get you back ever since I traded you a long time ago,” said McGraw. “Now you’re either going to play for me or you’re not going to play at all.” Roush ended up signing a three-year contract worth a total of $70,000. The Sporting News, announcing the signing, said that farmer Roush, “who raises, among other things, the price of his services with each fiscal round-up, is ready to face the high cost of living in New York.” He twice hit over .300 for the Giants, but his legs had started to give out on him.

In July of 1928 Edd was sent to St. Louis for operation at St. John’s hospital to repair torn stomach muscles. He sat out the entire 1930 season in another salary dispute, then returned to the Reds for one final season in 1931. Roush was known for his holdouts. Roush generally skipped spring training, using a holdout as the excuse to report just before the season began. He felt he stayed in good enough shape hunting in the offseason and didn’t need the six weeks of spring training.

He was no Mookie Betts but he did lead the league in hitting twice and played for the infamous 1919 Reds that won the Championship. They are a far better team than given credit for and he was  Inducted as Player into the Hall of Fame in 1962. (Voted by Veteran’s Committee)

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