On April 23, 2010 — The Mets beat the Braves, 5 – 2, as Ike Davis hits his first major league home run. There is an unusual play in the 7th inning: with the Mets leading 3 – 2 with two runners on base, Jose Reyes hits a high pop-up and the umpires invoke the infield fly rule. But 3B Chipper Jones crosses in front of SS Omar Infante in the windy conditions, and the ball glances off his glove and falls to the ground. C Brian McCann picks up the ball, and not realizing that Reyes is out automatically, goes after him. He relays the ball to 1B Eric Hinske, who tags both Reyes and the bag to no avail. While the Braves are busy flogging a dead horse, Angel Pagan races around the diamond for the Mets’ fourth run. Nippon Pro Baseball veteran Hisanori Takahashi replaces starter John Maine, who has to leave in the 4th inning with pain in his left elbow; he strikes out seven in three innings to pick up his first major league win.

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