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Events for July 4

7/4/1921 – In the first game of the holiday twin bill in Chicago, the Reds managed to bat in the wrong order twice in the first three innings. Pat Moran, the Reds manager, thought he had put Ivey Wingo in the number five spot, but he was eighth on the official lineup card. In the second inning, he batted fifth and struck out for the first out, so the Cubs naturally did not object. The next batter should have been the pitcher in the number nine spot, but not surprisingly, Greasy Neale, the true number five hitter, hit next and drew a walk. The Cubs protested, and after some consultation, Neale was called out although it should have been the pitcher Dolf Luque. Pat Duncan, the number six hitter in the order batted next although if the rule had been applied correctly, the lead off hitter should have come to bat. Duncan fanned for the third out. The number seven hitter correctly started the third, and he also struck out. That meant Wingo was the proper batter, but Luque hit next and singled. The Cubs again protested. Bill Klem, the home plate umpire called Luque out and ordered the lead off hitter to bat. So even a Hall of Fame ump did not understand the rule, which was not applied correctly in the second inning. This time the other ump, Bob Emslie, talked to Klem and they got it right by calling Wingo out and having Luque bat again. He again singled so he was able to get two hits, one of which did not count, in one at bat. The Reds batted in the correct order after the third.

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