This Day In Baseball October 1

Some October 1 Highlights 

October 1, 1967 — The brilliant and brief Major League managerial career of Roberto Clemente began and ended on this day. Filling in for interim manager Danny Murtaugh, Clemente puts up stratospheric — if statistically insignificant — numbers as Pittsburgh’s player-manager. The Pittsburgh Press reports: “Baseball’s only undefeated ‘manager’, Roberto Clemente, climaxed his greatest season ever by smashing his 23rd homer, a triple and driving in three runs while managing the Bucs before 28,244 fans on Prize Day.”

October 1, 1932 – Babe Ruth, as legend has it, calls his home run against Chicago Cubs pitcher Charlie Root in the fifth inning of Game Three of the World Series, won by the New York Yankees 7-5 at Wrigley Field. Root contended to his dying day that this was not the case; he claimed Ruth held up his bat to indicate he had one strike left.

October 1, 1961 – Roger Maris hits his 61st home run of the season against the Boston Red Sox at Yankee Stadium eclipsing Babe Ruth’s 34-year-old single season home run record. The record setter was the only run scored in the game giving the Yankees a 1-0 win.

October 1, 1978 – The Cleveland Indians beat the New York Yankees 9 – 2 on the last day of the season, to force an epic one-game playoff between the Yankees and the Boston Red Sox. Boston won their eighth straight 5 – 0 over the Toronto Blue Jays.

You Wish You Where Here Events for October  1

Expos fire Gene Mauch

New rules to be tested

Dodgers win one game plaoff

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