This Day In Baseball October 6

October 6, 1926 – Babe Ruth hits three home runs to lead the Yankees to a 10 – 5 victory over St. Louis in Game Four of the World Series. Ruth’s final bomb of the day carried deep into the never-before reached centerfield bleachers, far beyond the 430-foot mark. Estimated at 530 feet, it is the longest home run in World Series history. If all this weren’t enough, this also is the game during which the Babe makes good on his alleged pre-game promise to hit a home run for the bedridden young Johnny Sylvester.

October 6, 1945 — William Sianis, a Chicago bar owner and his goat attend Game Four of the World Series at Wrigley. Cubs owner, P.K. Wrigley ordered that the pair leave because the goat stunk. As they were being escorted from the park Sianis was heard saying “The Cubs ain’t gonna win no more. The Cubs will never win a World Series so long as the goat is not allowed in Wrigley Field.”, The Chicago Cubs lose to Detroit 4 — 1, and Detroit would go on to win the World Series prompting Sianis to send a telegram to Wrigley that said “Who Stinks Now?”

October 6, 2003 – The Boston Red Sox complete a three-game playoff comeback, beating the Oakland Athletics 4 – 3 in Game 5 of their American League Division Series.

October 6, 1985 – New York Yankees pitcher Phil Niekro becomes the 18th 300-game winner as he blanks the Toronto Blue Jays, 8 – 0, on the last day of the season. At the age of 46, Niekro also becomes the oldest pitcher to throw a shutout in major league history; he will eventually be passed by Jamie Moyer on May 7, 2010.


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The Goat Curse is started

The Goat Curse is started

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