When most kids were being brought up to the stories of Peter Pan and Mother Goose, I was being told stories of Babe Ruth, Willie Mays, Bobby Thompson, and Jackie Robinson. My Dad was a true baseball historian and he spun stories for hours about the giants of the game. This site is about those stories of both then and now, I have always believed that Baseball is the one thing that truly connects us to our past. James Earl Jones said it best, Baseball is the one true sport that has marked the time. It reminds us of once was good, and can be again. You will find videos, images, blurbs and more from Cap Anson to Mookie Betts.       

 My goal is to bring together every important item that happened on every day in baseball history. We are going to use a daily podcast, video, images, and text data. Our video channel already has hundreds of videos for This Day in Baseball. This site has 10,000+ pages of content! We suggest you subscribe to our Newsletter to receive our Weekly Full Count Email and visit our social media channels such as Youtube, Facebook or Instagram. You can link to them using links at the top and bottom of each page.      

This website is very much a work in progress. Baseball has been around for a very long time, and we estimate there are 40,000+ newsworthy events so bear with us as we reproduce all those events for you! Events will be added daily both new and old as quickly as possible. We encourage all users to contact us with new events to add and for corrections. 

 Every Day –  it January 1, March 20 or October 27 has something interesting that happened. It may be an in-game event, milestone, a trade, a franchise move, Hall of Fame Induction. A certain day may carry something special for you. Favorite teams, players, trips, special events, your first game, your child’s first game, your first or last game with your Dad, Championship’s, engagement and so much more. Our Store allows you to own your favorite day with our customized products or enjoy our Championships remembered collection.

Enjoy your trip down memory lane and please leave us your feedback! Here is a trip down my memory lane.