On December 18, 1930 1B Bill “Moose” Skowron is born Chicago, Illinois, and was of Polish descent. His father was a city garbage collector. One day his grandfather gave the seven-year-old Skowron a haircut that resembled a known Italian dictator’s, which resulted in his friends jokingly calling him “Mussolini”, and caused his family to shorten the nickname to “Moose.” The name stuck throughout his career.

He was an All-Star in 6 seasons and was a member of 5 World Series champions (1956, 1958, 1961-62 New York Yankees, 1963 Los Angeles Dodgers).


In his 14-year career (1954-1967), Skowron had 1566 hits, 211 HR, 888 RBI, .282 BA, .332 OBP, .459 Slg., & .792 OPS.


Bill passed away in 2012 at the age of 81.