On December 12, 1985 The Atlanta Braves trade Steve Bedrosian and Milt Thompson to the Phillies for Pete Smith and Ozzie Virgil.

Bedrosian will save 103 games in 3+ seasons in Philly and wins a Cy Young in 1987.

Virgil hits 51 homeruns over 3 seasons in Atlanta and makes the 1987 All Star team.

Pete Smith pitches for 11 seasons and has a 47-71 record with a 4.55 ERA.

Thompson will play for 6 teams over 13 seasons, he had 2 stints in Philadelphia hitting .279 with 22 homeruns and a 93+ OPS+. His best year was 1987 when he finished 17th in MVP voting. He hit a career high 7 homeruns.302/351/425 with 46 steals.

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