On August 1, 1966 — -At Connie Mack Stadium, Dick Allen launches a blast to center field and  Houston’s Jim Wynn suffers a fractured left wrist, hand and elbow after slamming into the CF fence. Allen races around the bases for a game winning inside the park homer. Done for the season, the Toy Cannon will still lead the Astros with 18 home runs. Houston also loses, 6 – 5.

Earlier in the game, Jim Wynn swats a drive over the left field roof at Philadelphia’s Connie Mack Stadium, clearing a 15-foot sign rising above it. Later, Bob Aspromonte belts a three-run shot to tie the Phils at 5-5. In the top of the tenth, Wynn tries to steal home and is called out despite howls of protest from the Houston bench. In

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