on May 28, 1900, An early morning fire at League Park destroyed the main grandtstand and part of the pavilion. Al that was left standing was a 50-foot section down the right field line. Groundskeeper Matty Schwab, who lived at the corner of Western Avenue and York Street, discovered the fire at 3:30 a.m., but it was too late to save the ballpark. Hundreds flocked to the site and sat in the bleachers to watch the facility go up in flames. For a time, it was feared the fire would spread to the nearby row houses on Findlay Street, but they were saved from the blaze. The clubhouse was also destroyed, along with the uniforms, shoes, gloves and hats of the players.

The cause of the blaze was never discovered, but fire was a constant concern in the wooden ballparks of the period. Seven Reds games scheduled for home in June were played on the road while a new grandstand was built. The club moved to diamond in front of the portion of the right field stands which were saved from the fire. The Reds played under this arrangement until 1902 when Palace of the Fans opened.