On November 17, 1960 — Hank Greenberg drops out of the bidding to run the new American League franchise in Los Angeles.

Why did Greenberg, whose ownership group reportedly would have included longtime baseball owner Bill Veeck, back out of the L.A. plan?

According to retired Times baseball writer Ross Newhan, whose book “The Anaheim Angels: A Complete History” that documented the start of the franchise, “The obstacle was Walter O’Malley, who argued that existing rules did not permit the American League to move into his territory and he was supported by Commissioner Ford Frick.” But there was more.

“The problem really seemed to be one of personality and money,” Newhan wrote. “Greenberg and Veeck were not interested in meeting O’Malley’s demand for $450,000 … and O’Malley, not anxious to share his chunk of the Gold Coast with anyone, was particularly not anxious to do it with a magnetic showman such as Veeck.”


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