On August 15, 1960 Eddie Mathews is ejected by umpire Bill Jackowski in the first game of a doubleheader vs Cincinnati. He is restrained by Coach George Myatt, while Coach Bob Scheffing looks on. This famous brawl at Crosley Field was between two fierce competitors; Mathews and Frank Robinson. When Robinson tried to stretch a double into a triple with spikes high, his arm grazed Eddie’s head. Frank complained about the hard tag and Eddie asked him how he’d like “this tag?” and promptly hit him with a right cross. Robinson was bruised and bloodied, but returned in the second game to hit a home run, double and rob Mathews of and extra base hit. The Braves dropped both games 3-5 and 0-4. Bob Purkey wins the shutout, despite allowing 11  hits.

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