Larry Yount

Bats: R Throws: R
Height: 74 Weight: 185
Born: Wednesday, February 15, 1950 in Houston, TX USA
Died: in ,
Debut: 9/15/1971
Last Game: 9/15/1971
Full Name: Lawrence King Yount


With the Astros trailing the Atlanta Braves 4–1 in the Astrodome on September 15, 1971, Larry Yount was summoned to pitch the ninth inning. While warming up for what would ultimately be his only career ML appearance, his elbow began to stiffen. “I went to the mound and took a couple of tosses,” he later said, “but (the elbow) continued to hurt, so I came out.” MLB rules state that any pitcher announced as being in the game must face at least one batter, except in case of injury. Since he was announced, Yount was credited for having played that one game, even though he did not actually face a batter. So he holds the unique distinction of being the only pitcher in Major League Baseball history to appear in the official record books without ever actually having faced a batter.

In 1999, his younger brother, Robin, after a 20-year career, all with the Brewers, was elected to the Hall of Fame. That July, Robin walked onto the Induction stage in front of over 50,000 people in Cooperstown. Larry was there, too, and heard Robin’s thoughtful speech. Here, in front of a crowd some eight times larger than the one in Houston that saw Larry warm up and never throw a pitch, the elder Yount found out what his little brother had learned from his experience.

“My brother Larry. He taught me how hard work and dedication to the game was the only way to make it.”