On November 7, 1973 — “The institution of Little League is as American as the hot dog and apple pie. There is no reason why that part of Americana should be withheld from girls” – Sylvia Pressler, explaining her ruling in favor of girls being allowed to play Little League.

Sylvia Pressler was a hearing examiner for the New Jersey Civil Rights Division as New Jersey became the first state to allow girls to play on Little League baseball teams. Prior to the decision, regulations had prohibited girls from participating with boys in the program.


From its founding in 1939 through 1973, Little League Baseball refused to let girls play, and was deeply and intransigently committed to that position until a New Jersey court decision forced them to relent only 46 years ago this week. Mike and Bill look back on the history of women and girls playing baseball prior to that decision and the suit that forced Little League Baseball to welcome girls. They are also joined by Dr. Justine Siegal (@justinebaseball) of Baseball For All to discuss her journey as a player, coach, and advocate for girls to have access to the game.

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