On June 5, 1955, at Comiskey Park Mickey Mantle batting right-handed slugs a 550-foot home run against Chicago White Sox left-hander Billy Pierce in the 4th inning during the second game of the doubleheader. The blast clears the upper deck in left field at Comiskey Park. The Yankees would go to win the game in 1o innings 5-4.

Pierce tried to slip a fastball past Mickey and the Mick tore into it, sending a scorching high drive to left. The ball cleared the 360-foot mark, crossed the 160-foot roof and descended to smash a car windshield on 34th Street outside. Mantle’s blast went over the park’s 160-foot high left-field roof, directly above the field’s 360-foot mark. The ball eventually landed on a car parked on the other side of 34th Street, smashing the car’s windshield. A parking lot attendant recovered the ball.

Some papers reported that Mickey’s drive landed on the roof or hit a light tower but didn’t go out of the park. But the Comiskey Park attendants on the roof went to the Yankees locker room after the game to tell Mickey that his homer had cleared the roof and gone completely out of the park.

Only Jimmy Foxx had ever hit a ball that far. However, Mickey’s homer is the only one to have eyewitnesses to verify that it actually cleared the stadium.