MLB 2020: The Leading Teams and Their Best Plays

Major League Baseball or MLB, is an American professional baseball organization that hosts seasonal games every year. The organization existed for more than 100 years, and now its excellence and love for baseball also took a chance in the modern world. Currently, MLB’s matches are catered online through the Fanduel Sportsbook, where the fans and baseball bettors conveniently enjoy and earn at the same time.

On the other hand, although MLB’s offseason is already ongoing, this year’s regular and post-season was undeniably powerful and full of surprises. For the last months until the final match, offensive and defensive baseball teams overtook each other and amazed the fans with their performance every game. Nonetheless, some teams are consistent in defending their victories, keeping themselves on the top.

After the final roll of 2020 games, the 30 baseball teams were shuffled enough from their rankings based on their plays and scores from different matches. To get a wide-range review for MLB’s 2020 events, here are the top leading teams and their efforts to create a historical play.

Los Angeles Dodgers

With the Dodgers, it’s already unsurprising to see their name at the top. Granted that this year, they won more than 70 percent of their games, plus the fact that they are the crowd’s favorite and rooting for them to win the 2020 World Series – baseball enthusiasts would call it, deserved.

With that, there is no doubt how the Dodgers own the 2020 MLB crown after the final roll of this year’s season. They ended the season with an ERA of 3.02 and 1.06 WHIP; both acknowledged as the best in baseball.

San Diego Padres

Although the Dodgers bring home the bacon, the Padres’ fans and bettors are still rooting for this team to stiff in the NL West competition for the upcoming years. This year, the baseball analysts, fans, and bettors have concluded that the Padres were a legitimate threat to the Dodgers because of their undeniable skilled, outstanding lineup of their players.

With their fifth-best ERA (3.04) in September, and only if they didn’t lose their two aces due to injury – they would’ve been the champion for the 2020 World Series.

Atlanta Braves

This team is also one of the many who surprised the baseball enthusiasts, as they climbed up from rank 8 to rank 3 in just one month. For the audience, it was a significant improvement and a picture of a potential team to become champion in the coming years, with a winning percentage of .593. Their offense was also great this year that made a total record of 35-Wins and 25-Lose; the Braves succeeded in making their names trend this year.

Chicago White Sox

Compared to last year’s performance, the White Sox’s offense was much more dangerous this year. No wonder they quickly moved from rank 7 to rank four after the final roll of the season. Having the winning percentage of .593, everyone is already assuming that this team is already in win-now mode and is ready to become champions.

New York Yankees

Rising from rank 11 to rank five since September games up to the finals, countless people, fans, and bettors were surprised how the Yankees pushed themselves among the top 5. Although they were seen as a weak opponent due to the constant injury which their players have encountered, they certainly amazed everyone when they overtake the other teams with a total score of 33-27 for this year’s record.

Tampa Bay Rays

Another surprise for this year’s season was the Rays, who lowered themselves from the ranking; the then second top leading team is already on the 6th rank after the season. Yet, although the Rays finished this season on a lower rank, their total record is undeniably excellent than other teams. With 40-Wins; 20-Loses, and an ERA of 2.13, the Rays are still treated as strong opponents who can win championship matches in the coming years.

Minnesota Twins

This year’s Twins’ total record was 36-Wins and 24-Loses, which wasn’t nearly as dominant as 2019. Nonetheless, the team still earned so much praise for their constant effort and progressive performance this year. Granted that the Twins’ 16-8 mark in September was the best in the AL, plus they are the MLB-best 24/7 in home games – a significant improvement is expected from them for next year’s season.


Indeed MLB 2020 was one of the most historical years in the sports industry because safety measures were done to fight against the global pandemic. But thanks to the world’s advancement, we were still able to witness the worth-remembering games of the 30 teams through online live viewing. All in all, it was a year full of fun, challenging, yet beautiful events.

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