On August 21, 1983 — On the same day, two minor leaguers, Vince Coleman and Donnell Nixon, break Rickey Henderson’s single-season record by stealing their 131st base of the season. Coleman will steal 145 bases in 176 attempts. in just 113 games playing single A ball for Macon Redbirds.

Nixon will steal 144 bases in 168 attemps for Single A Bakersfield over 135 games. Unlike Coleman, Nixon will never become a great base stealer once he enters the Major Leagues.

Henderson, against the Brewers went 1-1 with 2 walks and stole three bases himself increasing his season total to 82 in 7-1 loss.  Rickey will steal 108 on the season and this will be the last season of his career that he will eciplse the 100 steal mark.

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