On September 6, 1948 — The Boston Braves increase their lead to 4 games as Warren Spahn lasts 14 innings to beat Da Bums‚ 2 – 1. Spahn twice picks off Jackie Robinson in his 5-hitter. In the 7-inning nitecap‚ Johnny Sain wins‚ 4 – 0. Bill Salkeldand Mike McCormick bat out of turn 3 times in game 2 and not till the latter’s single in the 5th is the irregularity noticed. The umps then rule he’s out of turn and he loses his hit; Salkeld’s two earlier hits stand. The crowd of 40‚000 pushes the Braves attendance over the 1.3 million mark‚ a new high. Spahn and Sain will start 11 of the next 16 games.