On July 26, 1911 — At Robison Field, the league-leading Philadelphia Phillies are dealt a blow when catcher-manager Red Dooin suffers a broken leg in a collision at home plate with St Louis Cards runner Rebel Oakes. Dooin was hitting a career high .328 at the time. St Louis wins the game 7-6 and Dooin is lost for the season. Dooin had blocked off three Cardinals at the plate in the early innings. Each time the runner probably should have scored, and St. Louis manager Roger Bresnahan threatened to fine the next player who was blocked by Dooin. Later in that game, St. Louis outfielder Rebel Oakes, remembering Bresnahan’s threat, charged the plate on a close play with one leg describing a scissors-like motion. The collision broke one of Dooin’s legs, shin guards and all.

The Phillies end the season in 4th place 79-73. Dooin will never play 100 games in a season again and retire 5 years later.



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