On September 7, 1914 — The Boston Braves – ‘Miracle Braves’ and New York Giants play an A.M.-P.M. twin bill in Boston on Labor Day. To accommodate the crowds, the Braves have moved their home games to Fenway Park, courtesy of owner Joe Lannin: Fenway has triple the seating capacity of the South End Grounds. The two contests draw 74,163 on the day. The Braves, down 4 – 3 to Christy Mathewson in the 9th, storm back for two runs to win the opener. Josh Devore scratches a single, Herb Moran doubles into the crowd ringing the outfield, and Johnny Evers slaps a single that eludes George Burns to drive home the tying and winning runs. Jeff Tesreau wins the nitecap, 10 – 1, and the Giants pile on Lefty Tyler. In the Giants’ 4-run 6th, Fred Snodgrass takes a pitch on the sleeve to reach first base, thumbing his nose at Tyler along the way. Lefty retaliates by acting out Fred’s 1912 World Series muff. When Snodgrass returns to CF, the crowd is merciless to the point that Boston Mayor James Michael Curley rushes on the field and demands the umpires eject the Giant player. John McGraw, worried that Snodgrass might incur an injury, replaces him.


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