On ,December 15 2002 — The Boston Red Sox acquire Jeremy Giambi from the Philadelphia Phillies for P Josh Hancock, 24. For Giambi, it is his third uniform this year. Giambi won’t last long into the 2003 season as the Red Sox will also pick up, David Ortiz and Kevin Millar. He will hit just .197 over 50 games. He will sign with other teams but never play professional baseball after the 2003 season.

Giambi, who had just hit .244/.435/.538 in 156 at-bats after coming over from the A’s at midseason. He hit .272/.402/.475 in 684 at-bats total between 2001 and 2002, and he looked like he was still very much in his prime at age 28. Giambi finished April at .125/.288/.292 in 60 plate appearances, starting only once in the final week of the month. In May, Giambi amounted to all of about two weeks of success when he peaked with an .828 OPS on May 16.

Giambi, landed on the DL in late June with a bad shoulder. He returned a few weeks later, but he still wasn’t right. He made his last appearance on Aug. 1, going 0-for-3 against the Orioles. He landed back on the DL and then underwent surgery to repair damage in his labrum and rotator cuff.

Giambi will later be linked BALCO and to the distribution of human growth hormone throughout the major leagues. He was one of the witnesses listed by the prosecution in the Trial of Barry Bonds in 2011.

There is a more indepth article on Giambi vs Ortiz on NBC Sports

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