On June 29, 1961 With three round-trippers at Philadelphia – one a 10th-inning shot to win 8 – 7 – Willie Mays becomes the 4th major league player with three or more home runs twice in one season. Manager Gene Mauch’s efforts to conceal his starting pitcher and force Al Dark’s hand has a Phillie lineup including hurlers Don Ferrarese (batting leadoff, playing CF), Jim Owens (3rd, RF), Chris Short (7th, C), and Ken Lehman (9th, P) against San Francisco. When Dark sends a lefty to the mound, Mauch replaces Ferrarese. Dark then replaces Billy O’Dell with Sam Jones. Mauch replaces Lehman with Dallas Green after two batters. All the manoeuvering takes three hours and 20 minutes. The Giants then take the nitecap, 4 – 1, as Mays triples and doubles home two runs and completes a double play with a throw home.


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