On January 15 2002 — All-Star outfielder Gary Sheffield (.311, 36, 100) is traded by the Los Angeles Dodgers to the Atlanta Braves in exchange for outfielder Brian Jordan (.295, 25, 97), pitcher Odalis Perez (7-8, 4.91) and a minor league player. The deal ends Sheffield’s stormy tenure with the Dodgers.

The Dodgers were already Sheffield’s 4th team he played for which is unusually for such a talented player. He will go on to play for the Braves, Yankees, Tigers, and Mets before wrapping up his 22-year career. He will be involved in trades with over 20 other players and be traded for future Hall of Famers Trevor Hoffman and Mike Piazza in separate deals.

In Atlanta, 2003 he had arguably one of his best seasons in 2003 batting 330 39 HR and 132 RBI, his WAR was 6.8 a career-high.  Perez will win 45 games over 5 years with the Dodgers including a career-high 15 games in 2002. Jordan had a solid 2002 and he played sparingly in 2003, his football days and overall inability to stay healthily caught up to th3 36-year-old. Jordan still hit 289 over 194 games and hit 28 home runs with 108 RBI’s.





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