Bill Doak Essentials

Bats: R Throws: R
72 Weight: 165
Born: 1 28, 1891 in Pittsburgh, PA USA
Died: 11 26 1954 in Bradenton, FL USA
Debut: 9/1/1912
Last Game: 5/13/1929
Full Name: William Leopold Doak


He played his Rookie year in Cincinnati in 1912 with the Reds. He only played in one game that season with the Reds, pitching in two innings.

He went on to play another 15 years in St. Louis and in Brooklyn, winning 169 games and collecting 16 Saves.

Doak’s main pitch, the spitball, earned him the nickname “Spittin’ Bill”. When the pitch was outlawed in 1920, Doak was one of 17 pitchers allowed to continue throwing the spitball.

Doak made his most lasting contribution to baseball by innovating the design of the baseball glove. In 1920, he suggested to Rawlings that a web should be laced between the first finger and thumb, saying it would create a natural pocket. The Bill Doak glove soon replaced all other baseball gloves and is the standard to this day.